Kramer KT-208
8–Inch Wall & Table Mount PoE Touch Panel 8" elegant, portable, high–quality touch panel Single Ethernet cable for connectivity & powering Advanced Wi–Fi connectivity options Flexible mounting options Supported by: Kramer Control


KT−208 is a new powerful, 8−inch, IPS, multi−touch, touch panel with 1280x800 resolution. Elegantly designed for decorative room integration, this portable touch panel can be deployed either on a tabletop or wall. KT−208, with the latest Android 11, supports wired PoE (Power over Ethernet) and advanced Wi−Fi connectivity options. The touch panel has a built−in speaker and camera and comes either with a tabletop or a wall mount. The touch panel is easy to assemble, using elegant wiring, secured mounting, reliable operation and flexible deployment. KT−208 is a touch panel that is ideal for any 24/7 Kramer−supported commercial AV or control application and features a user−friendly, fully customizable graphical user interface configured by Kramer software.

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