Smart panoramic camera that keeps everyone in view Get the full picture even in the smallest meeting room. This 4K wall?mount camera captures clear video across a full 180° field of view, ensuring even people sitting close to the camera and on the far sides of the room are clearly seen. It automatically recognizes and zooms in on meeting participants, follows speakers as they move around, and auto?adjusts when attendee numbers change.
Compact, all?in?one video and audio communication bar Quickly start collaborating, with simplified, professional audio and video. With the optimum blend of microphones, speakers and video camera, all in a small and sleek device, the K?Bar delivers everything needed for hybrid interaction in small meeting spaces.
Ultra?HD camera for premium?clarity video in large spaces. Put every meeting in sharp focus with crystal?clear, ultra?high?definition video capture and advanced, yet easy, control.4K resolution, high?power optical and digital zooms, smooth PTZ operation and multiple outputs, the K?Cam4K takes video conferencing to a new level.
Professional HD camera for versatile video capture Get a clear view of all meeting attendees, with special attention wherever it’s needed. This 1080p PTZ camera is equipped with high?power optical and digital zooms, ideal for zooming?in on specific participants in mid?sized and large video conferencing spaces. Silent PTZ movement and simple control let you capture only what you want, when you want it.
Omnidirectional, compact speakerphone for crystal?clear sound Ensure all meeting participants are heard clearly from every seat in the room. With 360° omnidirectional audio pickup, high?fidelity sound and simple operation, the K?Speak enhances the audio experience for everyone – whether in the room or joining remotely. The small size and multiple connection options are a perfect fit for huddle rooms and small meeting rooms, where table space is at a premium.

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