The TBUS?6xl is the enclosure of a new modular system with a tilt?up lid. A complete TBUS system requires the enclosure, an inner frame, a power socket, inserts and a power cord. Boardrooms. Conference rooms. Classrooms. Training facilities. Lab tables. Lecterns.
€450.00 inc. VAT
Kramer's TBUS?201xl provides an extremely simple, affordable and elegant single?push pop?up multi?connection boardroom solution. By pressing down gently on the lid, the unit opens and closes pneumatically. TBUS?201xl is fast and easy to install and flexible to configure. It customizes to your own needs and is intuitive to operate. Boardrooms Conference rooms Classrooms Training facilities
€450.00 inc. VAT
Today conference and office furniture must feature mains, network and multimedia interfaces for the use of digital media. The new CablePort desk² combines technology, functionality and a top design. The plain style and the striking radius of the curving metal parts contribute to the unique design. The flexible clamp mechanism of the CablePort desk² guarantees its universal use in the modern office world. Mains and data cables can thus be fixed to the desktop as required, without causing any damages Individual configuration possible with Konnect flex click 45 Multimedia adapter plates, in addition media control, switches, EnOcean button, USB recharger etc. available On demand the CablePort desk² can be delivered with international mains sockets Product information CablePort desk²
Design desktop connection for fixing on the desktop through a standard cut-out with 80 mm diameter, 4-fold casing, anodized aluminium, with 2x mains, 1 x USB charger 2 USB-A (f) 5V/1,5 A, power cable GST18, rest for individual configuration. Space for 2 half or 1 full adapter plates of the Konnect flex 45 click series

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