Bright projection Project bright vibrant presentations effortlessly any time of day. Designed for meeting rooms and classrooms, the DS320 boasts amazing colour, long lamp life and energy-saving features for a lower overall cost of ownership.
€480.00 inc. VAT
Bright HD Ready home entertainment projection Project any time of day using this bright, portable HD Ready projector. Perfect for watching live sports, TV shows and movies or playing the latest action-packed games on a huge screen.
€750.00 inc. VAT
Smart 4K UHD home entertainment projector Prepare to be amazed. Immerse yourself in a world of Ultra HD gaming, live sport, TV shows and movies with the UHD55 high brightness projector. Experience sharp 4K UHD resolution and ultra-low input lag for smooth high framerate gaming. TV and movie fans can enjoy mesmerising entertainment on an expansive screen with super-wide DCI-P3 cinematic colour, crystal clear detail, and sparkling contrast.
€1880.00 inc. VAT
Bright 4K UHD laser projector for business and home Experience all-round versatility. The stylish UHZ45 laser projector delivers 4K UHD resolution for incredibly crisp images with exceptional clarity and vibrancy for presentations, movies, TV shows, games, and sports. Take your gaming to the next level with enhanced gaming mode for fast-moving action with a 16.7ms response time in 4K at 60Hz and 4ms in 1080P at 240Hz.
€3110.00 inc. VAT
Compact high brightness laser projector The ZH406 is a compact Full HD 1080p DuraCore laser projector. Designed for maintenance free, continuous operation it can be installed in virtually any orientation. It’s small lightweight footprint combined with a 1.6x zoom and vertical lens shift make it a breeze to install.
€2200.00 inc. VAT
Bright 4K UHD laser home entertainment projector Designed for day time viewing, the UHZ65LV offers super bright unforgettable 4K UHD quality images in the comfort of your own home - ideal for watching live sports, TV shows and movies with the lights on.
€3900.00 inc. VAT
Compact Full HD projector
€920.00 inc. VAT
Bright 4K UHD gaming and home entertainment projector
€1395.00 inc. VAT
4K UHD gaming and home entertainment projector
€1140.00 inc. VAT

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