Legamaster e-Screen PTX-9800UHD Black
Our e-Screen interactive touch monitors put you in complete control of your presentation. That’s because our e-Screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to use the screens simultaneously. Legamaster e-Screens can be operated using your finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Full HD image quality will ensure that your presentations truly wow your audience.
€ 25000.00 inc. VAT


  • Ultra HD/4k resolution
  • Advanced Zero Parallax™ infra-red touch technology
  • 3mm Anti Glare glass with Anti Fingerprint coating
  • Fanless design
  • Integrated High Quality speakersystem
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • For professional continuous operation (24/7)
  • Low energy consumption
  • OPS slot
  • comes complete with Tango software

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