Work Pro Athos 8R
Passive speaker 300W @ 8 Ohm. 60W@L100V. The new ATHOS R series is updated with the aim of obtaining a product resistant to inclement weather and at the same time much more sustainable by changing its structure (previously made of fiberglass), and now in an innovative material more resistant to the effects adverse climatic conditions (rain, extreme temperatures or solid microparticles), making the polymer with which they are constructed making them immune to these problems. Its wood-simulating finish also provides aesthetic improvements to the product. The new ATHOS R series incorporates a ā€œUā€-shaped wall support and can use rear supports that allow movement in both horizontal and vertical axes.



  • Recommended for outdoor installations. IP54.
  • Made of polymer resistant to adverse weather effects
  • White or black color.
  • Support included.

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