Work Pro UDA 1
Passive speaker 25 W @ 8 Ohm. UDA 1 is a passive acoustic enclosure composed of a 2.75" diameter transducer, with a 0.75" coil. The narrow extruded aluminum enclosure has been designed for seamless visual integration in all locations and is available in a black or white finish. The grille is also made of aluminum and covered internally with a water-repellent protective fabric that prevents splashes and dust from damaging the transducers, with an IP 65 rating. Two wall mounting accessories are included. The Wall 4V allows the room to be pointed up to +/- 50º horizontally and up to +/- 30º vertically. The 4H allows the cabinet to be pointed up to +/- 50º only laterally.



  • IP65.
  • Aluminum enclosure.
  • White or black color.
  • Support included.

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