Legamaster e-Board Touch 87" Hybrid
Our products for e-Board interactive whiteboards The technologies of today add a new dimension to our products. Take, for example, our e-Board interactive whiteboards, fitted with easy-to-operate multi-touch technology. Touch recognition means you can operate the e-Board Touch using a stylus, your finger or the palm of your hand. Thanks to the enamel steel surface, the e-Board interactive whiteboard can be used in the same way as a traditional whiteboard at the same time, enabling you to write on it with a marker. The e-Board Touch is an extension of your desktop or laptop which can be used to create an interactive
€ 900.00 inc. VAT


  • Touch interactive board system with multi-touch functionality
  • Touch recognition: use a stylus, your finger or palm to operate e-Board touch
  • Also available in 77“ (4:3) and 93“ (16:9) format
  • Hybrid board surface supports normal writing with markers (dry-wipe)
  • High-quality aluminium frame with dark grey corners
  • USB interface
  • 25 year warranty for board surface, 2 year warranty for touch system

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