KT-107 is a 7-inch IPS multi?touch, powerful touch panel with 1280x800 resolution. Elegantly designed for decorative room integration, this portable touch panel can be deployed either tabletop or on-wall, mounted inside standard in-wall junction boxes. KT-107 supports wired Power over Ethernet (PoE) and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity options. The touch panel comes with table and wall mounts, a USB cable and a power supply unit for easy installation, with elegant wiring and secured mounting, reliable operation and flexible deployment. The KT-107 is an Android-based touch panel that is ideal for any 24/7 Kramer-supported commercial AV or control application and features a user friendly, fully customizable graphical user interface configured by Kramer software. The KT-107RB Wi-Fi 5GHz frequency band range is restricted to up to 5.35GHz.


7–Inch Wall & Table Mount PoE Touch Panel

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